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Roofing Contractors Maine

Roofers Elite is one of Maine's top roofing contractors with over 20 years of experience. As one of the premier roofers in Maine, we have hundreds of positive reviews from past clients that vouch for our services' quality.

When should I call a roofer?

While an average roof lasts anywhere between 25 and 30 years, they are susceptible to repairs along the way. In case of encountering any of these following signs, you must call one of the experienced Maine roofing contractors:

  1. Damaged or missing shingles - If you spot shingles that are blistering, curling, or buckling or find a couple of shingles missing from your roof, it could indicate the presence of moisture issues, and you must call a contractor for roofing services in Maine.
  2. Granule loss - If you spot build-up of shingle granules in your gutters or if your roof looks patchy, you must call the best roof repair in ME to keep your home safe from the elements.  
  3. Damaged flashing - If your roof is old, it can start to develop cracks and damage your flashing. A damaged flashing often loses its waterproof qualities and can cause water to leak into your home. Besides, damaged flashing is a common aftermath of poor roof installation.

Furthermore, if you spot the growth of algae or mold on your roof, you must act on it immediately to prevent widespread damage. We are a leading Maine roof replacement business with a reputation for unsurpassable workmanship and budget-friendly prices.

What makes us the #1 roofing company in Maine?

We are a top roofing contractor with certified and passionate technicians with two decades of experience. As Maine's best roofing company, we offer unbeaten roofing repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services.

We are a licensed business with hundreds of positive reviews from patrons. Our exceptional customer services, shortest turnaround time, and budget-friendly prices make us one of the few reliable roofers in the area.

Roofing services that we offer

We undertake all types of roofing jobs in and around Maine. Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Durable asphalt shingle roofing - The brutal winters in Maine often take a toll on even the most durable roofs. We offer reliable asphalt shingle roofing installation at affordable prices, ensuring longevity and weather resistance.
  2. Roof repair - We turn up at our clients' doorstep within a few hours of registering a complaint, and we begin the repairs process with an immediate and thorough assessment. We examine your roof, identify potential problems, provide an up-front estimate to the homeowner, and begin the repairs asap.
  3. Roofing replacement - We offer roof replacement using resilient matter for homeowners who feel sick and tired of handling roofing repairs time and again. We replace weak or worn-down roofs to protect your home's structural integrity.

Call Roofers Elite for a free quotation at (207) 415-6232. As the best roofing contractors in Maine, we offer roofing maintenance, replacement, and installation services at affordable prices with a team of certified and experienced technicians. Get in touch with us today to discuss your roofing needs.

Roofing Contractors Maine

Roofers Elite - Maine Roofing Company


Roofing Contractors Maine

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