Mini Excavator RentalConstruction Act Equipment is the leading heavy equipment company in the country. Various factors set us apart from competitors. Renting heavy equipment is often mistaken for an expensive venture. However, our company offers industrial equipment rental services, including mini excavator rental and mini backhoe for rent at incredibly affordable rates. We eliminate the hassle of having to buy expensive new equipment for your short-term project. Clients choose our company for many reasons.
New Models

Our excavator models are new and well maintained to serve you better. We take pride in the fact that our staff ensures that all the heavy equipment in our fleet gets regular servicing. Our heavy equipment is always ready to be rented to clients on request. All our equipment and parts are in excellent working condition. In addition, if the machine you rented requires maintenance during the rental period, we will provide the required servicing and repairs after hours. We do all this because we want you to focus on your project.

When you hire heavy machinery from Construction Act Equipment, our staff will ensure you get it on the day and time you need it. We will make necessary arrangements to get the equipment to and from your job site.
We provide our clients unmatched access to the most recent heavy equipment technology. If you decide to buy heavy machinery, you may find it expensive to update it to keep up with changes regularly. However, if you decide to rent heavy machinery from us, you benefit from getting access to the equipment upgrades.

Our machine rental company enables you to rent the specific equipment you need to do your job. This is a significant advantage for people with short-term jobs.

Affordable Rental Rates

Construction Act Equipment has some of the most affordable industry rates for backhoe rental, small excavator rental, and mini excavator rental services. We acknowledge that renting heavy equipment does not have to be expensive. Therefore, we work with our clients' budgets to determine their job's best equipment.
When you have a project, you should create a list of all the tasks you want to be accomplished. This will give you a bird' eye view of your project. Once you have the list of tasks, determine the ones that require heavy equipment and the machinery you will need. Then, determine the type of machines you have in your fleet and the machine components you will to make your job easier.


Heavy equipment rental fees are tax-deductible. When you buy heavy equipment, you can deduct the machinery's cost over several years. Your state's income tax laws determine how long you will deduct the expense until it is fully accounted for on your income tax returns or until you sell it.

Rental fees for heavy machinery are also tax-deductible. You could deduct the rental fees as well as extra costs associated with reserving the machinery, delivering it to your job site, and insurance for the equipment during the rental period. These deductions can be made on your income tax returns as business expenses for the year the expenses were incurred.

Construction Act Equipment can help you find the right heavy equipment for your project. Lift it, move it, dig it. Contact Construction Act Equipment for the best construction equipment. Financing available:

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